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RA-AUS Flight Training

Achieve your RA-Aus Pilot Certificate and Navigation endorsement in the Australian built Jabiru aircraft.
All aviation theory books supplied and you learn to fly with a highly experienced CFI qualified instructor.
Enjoy maximum flight instruction time with minimal air traffic delay and excellent weather.
Call FN Aviation for:

  • RA-Aus proficiency checks
  • Biannual flight reviews
  • GA conversion to RA-Aus qualification
  • Jabiru J170C and J230C Type Aircraft
  • RA-Aus Approved Flight Training Facility
  • Professional training to be a safe, competent and dedicated RA-Aus pilot.

The RA-Aus Pilot Certificate is an affordable, fun way to fly ... a stepping stone to a GA Private or Commercial Pilots Licence Flight Training is provided in partnership with the Moree Aero Club, look through the Club House here...

It's nice to see my student pilots qualify for their Pilot Certificates after all the hard work (and stress). This is one is for the girls, Elle got her PC and Navigation endorsement on Saturday.

Nic Gartshore completed his last stage of the Nav Endorsement yesterday 11 August at 3:16pm when he flew in from Lightning Ridge for a copy book landing.

Nic had a long hard day with strong winds, headwinds and some Rain showers, flying some 4.6 hours in the J170C.

He turns 16 on 20 August, so he has achieved his Solo, Pilot Certificate and Nav Endorsement all in his 15th year !!!! A Moree Aero Club record.

1st Solo 25/8/2013 17:23 Runway 19 Moree

FN Aviation ... Flying is our business !